Wok | Excellence | Carbon Steel | Ken Hom

  • $60.00


  • 36cm uncoated carbon steel wok authentically designed for stir-frying at high temperatures
  • Flat base ensures the wok is well-balanced so it doesn't topple over when set on oven
  • Wok is suitable for cooking on gas, electric and ceramic ovens
  • Comprised out of a sturdy 1.5 mm gauge carbon steel which offers great heat conduction
  • Ideal for high heat, high speed cooking -essential elements for stir-frying
  • Rubber wood handle is secured tightly with multiple rivets
  • Additional helper handle provides extra support to lift off the hob
  • Large metal loop at the end of the handle allows for easy storage
  • Not suitable for the dishwasher. To clean, hand wash with hot water or mild detergent if desired
  • Ten year warranty