Lids | M'Heritage M'250 | Mauviel

Lids | M'Heritage M'250 | Mauviel

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This top of the line professional cookware is recognized and used by chefs around the world. The M'Heritage cookware has superior heat conductivity and even heat distribution, preventing hot spots that cause foods to scorch and stick. It responds to heat changes very rapidly and provides the cook with maximum control - especially important when making sauces. 

Product Features

  • Constructed of 1.5mm heat-conductive copper on the outside
  • Even heat distribution prevents hot spots that cause foods to scorch and stick
  • Responds to heat changes very rapidly; providing the cook with maximum control
  • Oven proof
  • Use on electric or gas stoves
  • Pans & lids are lined with 18/10 stainless steel—never needs re-lining
  • The stainless steel used is a very thin gauge, so it does not inhibit the cooking qualities of copper – makes cleanup fast and easy
  • Sturdy stay-cool cast stainless steel handles are held with rivets for safe handling
  • Straight edges
  • Lifetime warranty limited to manufacturer defects
  • Made in France

Copper Care

  • The copper is free from protective films or coatings, so should be washed only by hand
  • Always use on low to moderate heat settings as copper heats up very quickly
  • For a shiny surface, polish after each use with Copperbrill