Bread Knife 18cm/7" | Comfort Pro | Zyliss

Bread Knife 18cm/7" | Comfort Pro | Zyliss

  • $45.00

Forged from German Stainless Steel, with a serrated taper ground cutting edge, this bread knife delivers superior cutting performance on crusty and soft loaves and rolls without squashing.

Product Features

  • Ice hardened blade stays sharper for longer
  • Control touchpoints on blade and bolster
  • Full tang for perfect balance
  • 15° taper ground blade for a superior cutting edge
  • Comfort grip handle fits any hand
  • German Stainless Steel
  • 5 Year Zyliss Guarantee

Ice Hardening is a process where the stainless steel is quenched at sub-zero temperatures. This changes the atomic structure of the steel, transforming the Austenite (soft particles) into Martensite (hard particles). This in turn increases the hardness of the knife blade and enables it to remain sharper for longer.